In our world of passionate gourmets we always hear about quality but nobody ever really explains what it means. If you ask us the question we will answer that, besides nourishment, the real purpose of food and alcohol is pleasure and the sharing of moments of spiritual connection.

Our philosophy

The pleasures of the palate stem from the flavour, the balance and the character of what we taste, while those of the soul originate from the possibility of sharing transcendence (trans+ascendance = to ascend beyond) with others for as long as possible without jeopardising our health and control.

When we find a product that satisfies the palate and invites us to taste it a second time, when the conviviality of a dinner and an evening at the bar is prolonged in time, with joy and awareness, when we wake up the next day in great shape, it means that we have tasted quality products.

Our philosophy

Quality is an uncommon achievement, the result of agriculture that preserves the character of the raw material and the art of skilful and complex craftsmanship by men and women who put work, consistency and respect for the laws of nature before other values.

When choosing a brand and a company, it is very important to understand its values and to thoroughly understand all the 'actions' it performs to arrive at the end product. Our search for quality is always focused on a careful assessment of these principles.