We are a young company, offering a combination of extensive experience and fresh enthusiasm.
A highly qualified team that has contributed to the major changes in the sector.
A group of people who have always tried to anticipate new trends,
interpreting them in an unconventional and personal way.

About us


Our ambition is to seek out and select products that reflect the history, tradition and soul of lands and people from all over the world, and to disseminate them in our country, faithfully and passionately.


The search for high quality artisanal products. They are almost always made by small companies with whom we are honoured to share a working philosophy. Together with them, we carry out an in-depth activity of transmitting the intrinsic values of the product, aimed at genuine enthusiasts of the world of spirits.

The search for cutting edge products. Always on the lookout for new areas and new trends, we are an authoritative point of reference for all those who wish to diversify from the standard range of products on offer.

The search for products that offer an alternative to the big brands. Aimed at professional mixologists to offer diversity, high quality standards and authenticity at a fair price. We usually handle products from independent companies that are important in their country of origin but do not belong to large corporations or multinationals in the industry.

About us


We have always been trained to be flexible and respectful of all the players in the distribution chain. We protect our producers and our customers with a coherent pricing policy. We devote a great deal of effort to training our dealers and enhancing the value of our products and the techniques for their use. Precision in distribution and the level of clientele served are a guarantee for the producers and for the customers with whom we have the pleasure and honour of collaborating.


Our sales force is made up of highly qualified independent professionals who are continuously updated and trained by our team. Each of the 20 Italian regions and each of the 110 provinces is covered and assisted by one of our salespeople.