I Feel Fine

Human beings need pleasure for themselves and to share it with others.

he pleasure of taste comes from the flavour, the balance, the unique tone of what we eat, and the chance to extend that feeling of community as much as possible and without missing out on personal wellbeing.

This can be achieved only if the initial raw materials derive from a respectful and natural agriculture. Their manufacturing process towards final good must also follow artisanal techniques and should be carried out by expert artists.

When selecting a product, a brand, and a company it is important to understand their philosophy and to gain insights on their cultural “actions” towards the making of the final good.
Our search for premium products always follows this path.


Kinobi Sei

Unlike the original KI NO BI, which has a gentle and delicate profile, KINOBI SEI has a more full-bodied flavor and a strong character, perfect for the preparation of cocktails.


The Dalmore 12

Caramelized orange, ginger and sultanas aroma. On the palate chocolate and hazelnuts with a sprinkling of cinnamon. The finish is long with notes of mango and panna cotta.


The GlenDronach 12

On the nose a sweet note of vanilla, ginger and pear combine with a very rich palate of raisins, sweetness of sherry combined with oak and red fruits. Long finish with notes of hazelnut and barley.


Skinos Mastiha

Vegetable, sweet scented, with an intense resin flavor. On the palate notes of carrot, cucumber, mint, celery with a balsamic finish.


Espadin Herencia Di Sanchez

This 42° mezcal is a mezcal for palates who prefer soft notes with a lower alcohol content.

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